In Circassian language, Sinemis means the apple of my eye. Like the meaning of her name, she was raised like the apple of her parents eyes. She was the first kid of her parents and they raised her like she was surrounded with the clouds. Puffy and comfy.

All those fairy tales that she heard from her grandmother, meatballs she ate with her grandfather, the advices she heard from her mother, the great engineering projects that she made with her father, all the games she played with her little sister, the lectures she heard from her teachers and all the times that she spend with her friends, introduced her to life, to this day.

At last she had her Chemical Engineering Diploma, but like the other certificates and degrees, she looked at the diploma, smiled and put it in her drawer. She thinks life itself is a game, and all the papers says things about you is a part of that game.

She used to play with her friends and family only, but after she choose acting as a profession she can reach everybody. With the movies she was in, theater plays and the writings she does she began to reach to the audience.

Life, ”real life” people like to name, has just began for her. Now she has to get out of the clouds that she raised until now and fly with her own wings.
Welcome to the world of Sinemis! Join me and we can fly and play all the games together! :)

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